Pi Currency

In this article I’ll tell you about a fast-growing entrant to the digital currency world. It’s a different idea to what’s gone before, and the Stamford University team behind it claim that it could be revolutionary. Millions of people have already signed up to earn it!

I’ll give you the lowdown on what you need to know – including what I think are the the risks – and how you can get involved. The bottom line is it’s free to do so, and whilst it’s not going to make you money in the short-term, it might be worth a gamble in Pi Currency case it really takes off!

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to Pi – a new digital currency.

(A quick note here: We have been mining Pi on our phones for several months to test it out and check we know what we’re writing about. We have no other relationship with the Pi Network and the below article represents our honest view of it – you can see that by the doubts we have.)

It has two big selling points:

  1. It’s accessible to all and easy to mine (or earn).
  2. It gives everyday people the chance to capture more economic value instead of lining the pockets of banks, technology giants and other intermediaries.

They’re certainly right about the first point. We’ve found it super easy to earn. Anyone who has a smartphone can do it, just by downloading the Pi app (available on android or iPhone) and simply checking in once a day. There’s more advice later in the article on how to join a mining network and get started.

The phone app is unintrusive. It uses no battery power and negligible data, so you barely even know it is there.

This is a stark contrast to Bitcoin, where you need specialist equipment and expertise to mine it. And the power that’s consumed in doing so is absolutely shocking (pun very much intended) – as you can see from